2019 GMC Trucks 4500

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2019 GMC Trucks 4500

2019 GMC Trucks 4500 Large pickup trucks like the 2019 GMC Sierra have been locked in an arms race for more than a decade. Payload, towing capacity, total performance, even fuel economy, they are all battles fought to attract millions of new pickup buyers every year. The classroom’s undisputed outside chip, the Ford F-150, protects its large sales lead with a variety of drives and features. Ram’s 1500 full sizer does it with style and technique. GM’s pickup trucks, the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, have dealt with near-endless configurations and high-feature models like High Country and Denali.

New this year, the 2019 GMC Trucks 4500 is taking a technological course to attract truck drivers hearts and minds. The Sierra gets trailer view cameras, a carbon fiber bed and a multifunction tailgate that gives talent to an exceedingly powerful truck. At the same time, the Sierra continues to fall behind the F-150 in traction in 2019 and expected gas-mile gains from weight-saving construction and new registrations are yet to be felt.

The line-up will eventually include turbo-4, gas V-6 and turbo diesel inline 6 engines, but the first engine of the new truck was with its two V-8 engines selection. The Sierra cuts off strongly with the V-8s provided during a test drive in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. We did a short spin in the strapped 5.3-liter V-8, which pumps 355 horsepower over an eight-speed automatic. It awards a strong acceleration for a truck that weighs between 4,500 and 5,000 pounds, according to the specifications offered by GMC.

The weight ranges in a variety of taxi and bed styles, from regular to extended to the team cabin, from 5-foot-8 inches to 6-foot and 6-foot-6-inch bed. 2019 GMC Trucks 4500 says the new Sierra range is dropping up to 360 pounds thanks to the aluminum body parts. Puzzlingly, the Sierra rear-wheel drive with this engine improves only slightly in gas performance when it is weight saved in these specifications, while the all-wheel-drive offsetting a fuel saver.

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The significantly more muscular 6.2-liter V-8s tear down with 420 horsepower full of full beard. It sends power out through a new 10-speed automatic — and over and over again, despite the addition of tank shutoff and Stop/Starts technology, and the new transmission, these Sierra Gas Mile reviews barely wind. Road modes have not come far either. GMC sells Sierras with a conventional strut and leaf spring suspensions and adaptive shocks, which this time skip magnetic control for a more cost-effective solution. The driving style and handling of the 2019 Sierra strike a better balance than the crisp ride of an F-150, but chime with its biggest 22-inch wheels, the Sierra gets slightly trembling despite the adaptive cushioning.

The Sierra has gained payload: The new model can carry up to 2,240 pounds in his bed. But train capacity with extended cabin 4WD trucks adjusts at 12,200 pounds, while a similarly configured F-150 can draw 13,200 pounds, according to manufacturers. As a towing and towing device, the 2019 Sierra still shines. The statistics that make this brand new truck, which shies away from the best in class, are telling, but GMC explains it with a simple pose: Whoever tows more than the £12,200 with the new Sierra should instead look at one of its heavy trucks.

This is fair, even rational, in a truck universe where today’s full-sizers are essentially the heavy-duty trucks of ten years ago. 2019 GMC Trucks 4500 brands themselves as a professional strain, and in their premium positioning is a promise of phased ability, even if it could only be used a fraction of the time.

The new Silverado 4500HD Cab chassis gives your fleet a productivity step. The Duramax® 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel, coupled with an Allison® automatic transmission, gives the Silverado 4500HD under the hood while the truck can adapt to your business needs thanks to the optimized chassis design. Shown with equipment from an independent provider and not covered by the GM New Vehicle Limited warranty. GM is not responsible for the safety or quality of independent supplier changes.

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Where the Sierra is progressing loudly in 2019 is in the interior and in technology. Styling has barely changed in the new generation, but Sierra’s 2.9-inch stretch in the crew cab rear seat room gives the truck an exceptional backseat room and eventually a deposed backrest comfortable enough for the truck to six To carry passengers. Without fuss.

Even GMC’s spent a lot of time and engineering dollars on the bed of the Sierra. Next spring, she will sell a harder, lighter, carbon fiber bed that it says will be almost invincible to have dots, a jab at the F-150 “s aluminum bed. No price has been announced for this likely expensive and limited availability.

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2019 GMC Trucks 4500

GMC will also sell high-end sierras with a six-way tailgate that folds down, folds part of their edge to contain a payload, or folds down a center plate to create an easy inlet driveway to bed, even a seat for Tap flap parts. Built-in barbecue areas? This is progress.

The Sierra also takes over camera systems that allow the driver to monitor the view behind a tow trailer, provide a view of the connector and even show the contents of the bed. But in GM’s maddening features packaging of the now, these items are limited to expensive trucks. Blind spot monitors and a rear-view mirror camera? Equal. The worst offender? Automatic emergency braking, an important new safety feature, can only be ordered as an option on the three largest Sierra trim (SLT, AT4, and Denali).

All Sierras get touchscreen infotainment and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. Base trucks have vinyl floors and manual mirrors, but the plush Denali Sierras have chilled front seats, Bose audio, and Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

2019 GMC Trucks 4500 Price

Prices for the new 2019 GMC Trucks 4500 range from about $32,000 for a Bo V-6 truck to more than $57,000 for a Sierra Denali. Our choice when the Sierra goes on sale at the end of this year starts at the SLT Trim and spends until automatic emergency braking.