2019 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali Duramax Pickup

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2019 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali Duramax Pickup

2019 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali Duramax Pickup Welcome to the Reetings, Sir, the friendly neighborhood GMC dealership! Why, of course, we’d love to show you the new 2019 GMC Sierra. It’s a new thing, and we’re very proud of it. Right over there, please follow me. How can you say it’s 2019 Sierra? The odds are different and the new one has curvy lice on the grill and-um, wait, you know what? I think it’s 2018 Sierra. I’m sorry, the 2019 model is right here.

You’re taking more time to look at the new Sierra, aren’t you? Let’s check the cab. Skip. Don’t you like the smell of new skin? What do you think about this amazing new interior? It’s striking, isn’t it? Er… what has changed? As you can see, it could push the button! Yes, I know the other trucks have been for years, but they just got to Sierra! And this bezel around the air conditioner is slightly different… Yes, it was a much nicer silver plastic in the old truck.

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Did I mention the built-in storage cubbies on the rear seatbacks? Cunning, huh? Why yes, the infotainment system has a new interface. How clever of you to notice! I know it looks simpler, but it’s less messy. Small? I will not search the screen thumbnails, exactly… well, yes, unless you’re comparing a new Ram 1500.

Simple? Now, Sir, I don’t know if I can describe the inner part of the new Sierra like this. Functional, sir. Also this is just the SLT model. Now, if the top-of-the-Lıne was sitting in the Sierra Denali… God, you know, I believe this is Denali. You can tell by the real textured wood trim. Right there, at the door, that piece, right in front of his arm.

Tell me, did you see this new rear view mirror, actually a monitor for a back-look camera? It can’t find a RAM 1500. What about this full-color head shot? What? Can you get it in a $25,000 Mazda? Well, maybe so, but not RAM!

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Yes, of course we can test-drive, but first I have to show you the new Sierra’s cargo box. Here, there are amazing new things starting from this multipro tailgate. There are six different positions! And did you mention that the Sierra’s 5-foot, 8-inch box is more volume than Ford or RAM’s 6-foot, 6-inch box? Yes, sir! And this is made from good old solid steel, and you will soon be able to get a carbon-fibre box. It’s the hardest in the industry, you know.

Yes, let’s take a ride. Come on, relax. The power seat adjustments are always the usual place. Power adjustable pedals? I’m afraid they fell. But to be honest, how often do you use them? Oh, when did your wife drive the truck?

Anyway, this is the Sierra Denali 420 horsepower 6.2-liter V-8. This has been intensely reworked and features a new cylinder deactivation system that allows the engine to run using anywhere from two to eight cylinders depending on how you’re driving. Direct injection and continuous variable valve timing. There’s also a new 10-speed automatic, which means better fuel economy! Yes, it’s still a camera block engine, but we’re proud of it. It is great for low end torque and good enough for the Corvette, good enough for the Sierra!

Yes, you can still get 355-hp 5.3-liter V-8, and 285 hp 4.3-liter V-6 with similar updates. And you’ll even have a 2.7 liter turbocharged four-cylinder! You ever think you can see the day in a full-sized truck with a four-seater car? We’re really excited about the new diesel, a 3.0-liter flat six, although we haven’t heard much from the factory on this. But all this is empty-open the throttle and listen to this great 6.2 wail! There’s no change for displacement, is there? Can you imagine how this baby’s going to pull the boat out of the hills?

Well, fortunately, I’m glad I brought towing, because there’s so much you need to know. Put him on cruise control, I’ll explain. Look, we got this new-Oh my, brake, brake, Brake!!! Sorry to shout, Sir, we are just coming up this Camry fast… No, this Sierra has no adaptive cruise control. None of them are. Yes, I know you can get a Honda Civic Adaptive Cruise… Yes, I know this icon on the HUD seems to be Adaptive Cruise, but it’s really for collision avoidance system. Did you notice how clear my head show is?

Why are we going on the freeway and I’m going to give you information on our new prograde a trailering system? There are several different camera views including a special hitch guide to help you line up your hitch with this Trailer… Oh, do you have an F-150? What about the Nissan Titan? Huh. It also features a trailer light test that you can start from the central screen on your smartphone or from the GMC application… Oh, Titan also exists-and on the right key fob? Iyi, this certainly sounds more appropriate… er, I mean more confusing!

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No, GMC doesn’t have a Ford system or anything. Really? The Blind-Spot tracking System of Ram 1500 automatically detects the length of the trailer? Wow. No, neither do we. But look, you have a trailer connection right above the screen! No, nothing comes out of the RV. Just press the small check marks type…

Never mind that, how’s this baby’s arm? Yes, I think he’s driving like the old Sierra. But we’re going for it, a traditional truck ride. You are right, the magnetic driving suspension has gone, but you have replaced it with new adaptive dampers that allow you to adjust the quality of your driving. I know, the Magne-Ride didn’t need to set them all the purpose of the shocks… Yes, what reviews they said about providing a great ride with no processing compromise about them, but it is true… Anyway, just twist a little button there, left it a steering wheel that is not marked. Look, you can set this up between tour and sports, and — no, turn the other way, it’s snow mode. No, this is the Tow/Haul mode… Yes, I know it’s a little confusing that I can’t see what mode before I change it, but what life is right without a few surprises?

What? Don’t you feel the difference between tour and sports? After a few months of ownership of this beautiful truck, I’m sure you. Here’s the franchise, just turning into the first driveway. Park here and go back to my office.

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2019 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali Duramax Pickup

Pricing? Oh, I’m looking for a 4 × 4 SLT Crew cab for about 50 Grand, and this Denali we just drove the listings on $68,000. Of course, I can make you better-sir, are you okay? God, you better sit down. Marcy, get this guy a glass of water. I don’t know what it is, one second he was walking right next to me, we’re talking about pricing away, and suddenly he seems to love…

Oh, good, sir, your color is coming back. Any questions?

Well, of course 2019 GMC Sierra is completely new! From the whole new place!

Yes, I suppose there are a lot of things like old trucks in some ways, but… Well, of course Denali is a luxury brand, but… Well, yes, I suppose a luxury tool should have these characteristics, but… Yes, I suppose the interior might be a little more upscale, but… Yes, we want a lot of money, but… but sir, what about this multipro trunk door? There’s nothing like that in the industry!