2022 GMC Electric Truck: Introducing The New Debut GMC Hummer EV, You Should Know!

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2022 GMC Electric Truck In an extraordinary twist of fate, the fuel-consuming middle finger of the Hummer brand flew, which was discontinued in 2010, ready to return in 2022 as the electric sub-brand of GMC. So far we know about the GMC Hummer EV SUT pickup truck. But we knew that it would offer 1000 … Read more

2022 GMC Hummer EV: The New Electric Truck With Great Specs

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2022 GMC Hummer EV Have you heard? Hummer is back. But it’s not like the Hummer you remember before. Forget everything you know about Hummer SUVs and intoxicating gas trucks because the new GMC Hummer EV is dumping a large, thirsty V-8 gas engine for battery packs and electric motors. The new GMC Hummer EV … Read more