2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Price

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2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Price

2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Price The truck war is hotter than it’s been in America right now. While Ford has an all-aluminum F-150, GM has just launched a new GMC Sierra with an industry-first carbon fiber bed. RAM also goes strong with a new model 1500. Attracting more and more customers to dealerships is not an easy task, and this is where special models and limited editions are useful at times. With a brand new Sierra 1500 on its way to dealerships, GMC has just revealed a new model. It is called Sierra AT4 and combines enhanced off-road capability with extra standard features and more Premium appointments.

Designed for the customer “Who wants a high presence on the road and the ability to venture out of the beaten life, ” The Sierra AT4 also marks the debut of a new embellishment to be offered in every GMC model over the next two years. If the specifications will be similar, remains to be seen, but all we know is that the Sierra AT4 rides higher than the standard pickup and comes with a wide list of standard features. But despite boasting more luxury and sitting higher on the ground, the AT4 is not the very expected response from GMC to the Ford F-150 Raptor. But we will find more information about this clipping in the review below.

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The AT4 also gets an exclusive wheel design with a mechanized face, dark-tinted appearance. Standard wheels measure 18 inches, but you can get larger 20-inch tires from the list of options. It also gets standard skid plates, red tow hooks on the front bumper, and the rear door MultiPro. The latter is a first feature of the industry that has six unique functions and position that improve the load and convert the bed to a workstation. Innovative carbon-fiber bed is also available to replace standard steel box.

The dark-colored accents on the outside continue inside the cockpit with a dark aluminum trim on the steering wheel, central stack, and crossbar plates. Jet Black/Kalahari accents on the seats are also unique in this model, as is the “AT4 ” embroidered insignia on the headrests. Leather seats, floor mats for any station, Hill descent control, and traction system select complete the list of standard features. The latter allows the driver to choose between the preset drive modes that have been adapted for different terrains or climatic conditions. Selecting one of these modes adjusts the saw transmission change points, accelerator mapping, and StabiliTrak to optimize the performance of the situation in question.

GMC is betting the already elevated price of full size pickups can rise even higher with its Sierra 2019, which will also offer a new all-terrain package called the AT4. This is in addition to the carbon fiber weight reduction bed to be offered at the top of the Denali range. Interest rates are rising. Truck owners are more likely to buy than lease. These factors could slow down the rapid growth that the segment has enjoyed in recent years.

“Interest rates could have an impact and probably will, but we haven’t seen the Premium truck roof yet,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of global Buick and GMC.

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While GMC will not discuss the prices on these new models until closer to the production launch, several officials indicated that the AT4 would have a slightly lower price than the Denali package. The Detroit three are building their bridges to a confusing future of ride-sharing and motor vehicles on the backs of their highly profitable pickup trucks. That’s why the redesigned 2019 GMC Sierra, which is going out for sale this fall, is so important.

While General Motors ‘ Premium Truck brand offers more basic packages (SLE and SLT), the high-end Denali clipping level underlies the truck business case. The outbound version of the Denali saw was sold to an average of $56,000 in 2017, according to J.D. Power. Clearly, Aldred and his fellow GM executives expect me to rise higher. Then, on Tuesday night in new York, Aldred revealed the new version of AT4 de la Sierra. AT4 is an improved off-road capacity package that GMC will deploy through its SUV lineup over the next two years.

It comes with a black exterior, including the grill and fascias, a Premium leather interior that is, guessed, black with a tone accents so GMC called Kalahari. But the guts of the off-road upgrades come in a two-inch suspension lift, 18 or 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires and a safety feature called “Hill Descent Control “. As with its most affordable cousin, the Chevrolet Silverado, Sierra’s promoter options are a 6.2-liter V8, a 5.3-liter V8 or a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder Duramax diesel.

However, the differentiating feature, initially offered only in the Denali and AT4 versions, is the carbon fiber box. There is also the Multi-Pro door which is standard in Denali and SLT. This fold-back feature can extend the length of the truck bed and offer a step-in more convenient than can support 375 lbs. GM has refrained from following Ford’s path when it released the all-aluminum F-150 at 2015. While reducing the weight of a carbon-fiber bed is more modest – 62 pounds less than the current model – there are other benefits.

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“Mass reduction is almost a secondary benefit,” said Mark Voss, collecting box engineering manager. “Carbon fiber does not nick, corrode, or scratch. It’s a very durable material. “

Another reward is structural.

“This allows us to gain a little bit of width, compared to steel beds ,” said Voss.

It is also quite expensive, so it is being introduced at the highest levels of Sierra Trim. Voss said the carbon fiber bed work started again in 2011, and has been involved in the carbon fiber hood and ceiling panels in the Corvette since 2004. This is GM’s first structural application of composite material and the first in any full-size pickup truck. As long as gas prices remain low, and enough luxury customers who spend a lot, continue to see luxury trucks as viable alternatives to luxury sedans and SUVs, the punch bowl may be suitable to keep the party going.

“We’ve seen an increase in the interest rate, but it hasn’t had much effect,” said Alan Batey, president of GM North America. “What slows the industry is if we really see the inflationary peak.”

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2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Price

  • 5.3 L Motor V-8
  • 8-SPD Auto w/OD transmission
  • 355 @ 5,600 rpm horsepower
  • 383 @ 4,100 RPM torque
  • Four wheel drive type
  • 18 “W Machining/painted accents aluminum wheels
  • Front air conditioning, double automatic zone
  • AM/FM/HD/Satellite, search-Scan Radio
  • 2-1-row LCD Monitor
  • Keyfob Remote Keyless entry (all doors)
  • Front fog/Driving lights
  • Heated Mirrors
  • Leather seat Trim
  • Driver’s and passenger’s lumbar support
  • Build & Price
  • AT4 4×4 Crew Cab 6.6 ft. Box 157 in. Wb
  • $53,500