2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew CAB 4wd

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2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew CAB 4wd

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew CAB 4wd There are two things that GMC would very much like you to know about the new Sierra. The first is to shout from the rooftops: the Sierra is no longer a photocopy of the Chevrolet Silverado. The second one is showing instead of saying: There is a 2-inch lift and a badge “AT4 “, which freely translated from marketing-talking means “Denali for the country people. “

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GMC has been saying for some time that he would distance himself from Chevrolet to reinforce his unique selling proposition. We’ve seen baby steps in the past, but this new Sierra is a remarkable milestone, all the more with Chevy rolling a high-country luxury comparable level. The saw, however, not only doesn’t look like a Chevy, but it also has its own technologies that are substantially different and worth paying for. The first two: a six-position tailgate called MultiPro and a nylon-reinforced carbon fiber bed called CarbonPro.

The honor of Scout, I thought the tailgate was silly and gimmicky, excessive compensation for Ford’s Chevrolet theft over the “man’s Step “, made it complicated just to prove it was better and/or different. Having used it now, I will eat my crow however it is served. Two years ago, my wife and I re-ajardinó our front-and backyards ourselves. Between that and other home projects since then, I would have found a use for every position of that tailgate. I especially like the big, big step I create and the ability to drop the inner door when the full door is down and get close to the bed for better leverage on heavy or bulky items. You still get the standard bumper steps, which still work when the tailgate is up, it’s a cherry on top.

The composite bed seems more difficult to justify when the metal beds, especially when sprayed with a polyurethane liner, do the job very well, but there is a good cause for it. GMC claims that the CarbonPro box is stronger than steel but 62 pounds lighter. Lighter is better, both for fuel saving and for towing and hauling applications where it counts for the gross vehicle weight and the combined gross weight of the vehicle. The natural rust test and the dent test has a lot to do. That you still get additional moorings and optional 110-volt power output that steel beds make is even better.

There are also other teams that you like, even if you share with Chevy. Dynamic fuel Management, which can close any combination of cylinders depending on the situation to improve the fuel economy, is completely transparent. I am a fan of the overhead screens when they are done well, so I like this big, full-color unit. I am much less in love with the rearview mirror of the video camera, which I find distracting due to the forced perspective change, but I will concede that it is useful if you have a load that a traditional mirror cannot see in the rear cabin or bed.

If you tow, however, the actual hot ticket is in the Prograde towing package. The trailer light test is a blessing when you don’t have an assistant. He even diagnosed a reverse light problem for us (the trailer didn’t have them). I like it a little better than the Ford solution because I’m out there visually checking that the lights work instead of relying on a graphic on the screen to tell me. The ability of the backup camera to recognize a trailer and automatically brings the guidelines, not to mention automatically the parking brake set while connecting, is also useful. We were unable to test the tire pressure of the trailer and the temperature monitoring system or the remote tow chamber, but they are solid ideas.

Like these technological differences, driving differences are also limited, and ahead of time, you’re wondering again if they are worth the load on a Chevy. When I drove the AT4 and Denali back to the back with a Silverado High Country, which shares the 6.2-liter V-8 and 10-Speed automatic, I felt a difference. The GMCs — even the highest AT4 with their knobbier tires — ride and drive better. The trip is less busy than a Silverado High Country and particularly good on big potholes, and the GMCs handle more flat than any other truck on the market.

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I could not feel a difference in driving quality between the two GMCs, nor did I notice much difference when I put them in their sporty driving mode beyond a sharper acceleration pedal and a slightly heavier direction. I noticed the automatic engine shutdown/start system, which seemed to take ages to restart compared to the competition. The lane maintenance system is inconsistent and only seemed to work on straight roads, but even then I didn’t always stop wandering off my lane.

As for the numbers, it falls just in line with the competition. Its 0.77 average g on the track and a 27.8-second figure-Eight turns on 0.63 G average placed the Denali right between a comparable F-150 Limited (0.78 g and 27.2 seconds to 0.63 g) and RAM 1500 Limited (0.74 G and 28.3 seconds to 0.60 g). AT4 ‘s off-road tires naturally damage their grip on the highway, placing 0.76 G on the track and a turn of 27.7 at 0.73 G — dead even with a 1500 Rebel RAM and far ahead of a Silverado Trail Boss. (I’m not including the F-150 Raptor here because it’s much more of a dedicated OFF-roader than the RAM, GMC, or Chevy.)

Let’s talk a little more about the AT4 because you already know what a Denali (expensive) is. All 2019 saws (and Silverados) can be equipped with a 2-inch elevation kit produced by GM, but the AT4 makes it standard. It also picks up a set of Bridgestone duel A/TS on 20-inch wheels, a soft off-road tire that will certainly get you farther than the Denali Bridgestone Alenza A/SS, but not nearly as far as a Silverado Trail Boss ‘ Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracs. The remaining exterior changes include chrome-and red-painted tow hooks. Inside, it’s actually identical to the Denali.

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As equipped, our AT4 was 129 pounds lighter than our Denali, which helps explain why the AT4 was 0.2 second faster at 60 mph in 5.8 seconds versus 6.0 flat. He took that advantage to the quarter mile, trapping in 14.2 seconds at 98.9 mph versus 14.4 seconds at 98.6 mph. Here again, the Denali is located between an eco-drive F-150 Limited and a torque RAM 1500 Limited, although the AT4 comfortably smokes the rebel and Trail Boss. Either way, the great 6.2 liters V-8 feels powerful at all times. It has much more torque out of the line and much better throttle response than the standard 5.3-Liter V-8 coming in these trucks, and the 10-speed auto changes smoother and smarter than the old eight-velocity.

Especially we noticed this when towing. With nearly 8,000 pounds of tow in the hitch at the time of 100 degrees, the saws barely noticed. They have so much torque, they still felt reasonably fast passing uphill by a 12 percent degree at the speed of the freeway. On the way, on the other hand, they executed perfect course changes to keep the speed under control. I’m still surprised that I couldn’t feel those downturns even go downhill with a tow.

The Denali, equipped with street tires, can hang his hat on the braking, where he stopped a little shorter than the AT4 at 123 feet against 126. Once again, both trucks divide the difference between the Ford and RAM for the Denali and between the RAM and Chevy for the AT4.

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2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew CAB 4wd

GMCs can divide Fords, Rams, and Chevys numerically, but it’s a different story when it comes to value. These GMC sound in on $65,330 for the AT4 and $67,200 for the Denali *. That’s a little less than the new RAM 1500 Limited we tested ($68,340) and just at the top of the latest Ford F-150 Limited we tested ($67,560). It’s also a little more than a Denali 2500HD diesel that we tested only three years ago ($65,235) and a few more than a new Chevrolet Silverado High Country that we tested ($64,030).